Sunday, 29 July 2018

Never once.......

A whole year has passed since the gates of heaven opened to welcome Dave home.He heard those encouraging words ‘well done you good and faithful servant’ And he saw Jesus so clearly and he entered into all Jesus paid for for him and he saw so clearly all that he had held onto by faith, in the last 46 years.

I can declare that I never once walked this last year alone, the Holy Spirit has been my constant companion and in times of total overwhelming grief He has always lifted me up. He has caused me to give the pain to Him. When I have felt ‘take this cup from me’ Father has given me the ‘garment of praise for a spirit of heaviness and the oil of joy for mourning’ Isaiah 61:3

I can honestly say this last year has been my steepest learning curve in my relationship with Jesus. I am mega thankful for each step. Having the confidence and complete assurance that I will see Dave again. This is not just wishful thinking, but faith in the promises of God's Word, which have helped me so much. I don’t think I would have made it to this day without knowing there is definitely life after death. 

Also without the amazing selfless love of my children, and their daily Whats App messages. 

His constant Presence, answered prayer, His miraculous provision, He has never once let me down. This is such a challenge to me to share the Truth so others have the assurance of a home in heaven. It is true there is life after death for everyone and the choice we have is where we spend it?

In the first weeks, because Dave had gone from a giant to death in three weeks, I would go to crowded places and want to shout ‘who will be dead in 3 weeks?’ all because we all live as if we are going to last forever. We are not prepared for the inevitable. We live ‘it won’t happen to me!’ We cause ourselves so much difficulty by not being prepared. I was not!!

Living again the emotions of ‘this time last year......’ with flash backs, seeing his strength failing. His excitement of going to live with Jesus and the Lord showing him about the fruit in his life. I am so thankful He protected me from this pain then, so I could do all that had to be done at the time and I now have an amazing support network around me so I am empowered to face challenges and I realise now I have never once been alone.

So time to move on to my new ‘normal’, to consider what I want to leave behind in this last year and where I am aiming to be this time next year?

I am having a very busy time at present having been to Panama for my grandson’s wedding to beautiful Marianella. Coming home alone, then driving to Scotland with my little brother to see my land and 3 business meetings. Then to Wales for a long weekend for two very special birthdays, 3yr old and 6yr old.

Now I am packing for a 7week trip to Australia for the wedding of my beautiful granddaughter and a much needed holiday.
What a busy time and I am so encouraged daily by the assurance that I will never once be alone whatever the future holds and whatever I feel.

Also if I am to have victory daily in this coming year I have to have a special time to sit at Jesus feet and worship Him, filling myself up on the Word of God, life giving food. 

Plus being kind to myself with rest and good food, so here I come Australia. More Word less waffles! Although I do have a responsibiity to certain members of the family to keep up Dave's tradition of supporting the wonderful ice cream trade.


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