Saturday, 21 November 2015

When there is no money............!

My budget's been cut - again! I know, I'm not the only one, but I have things I need to do and this is the fourth year in a row. I have choices to make: do I
complain and moan and ask for a re-think or do I just live with it? Or I could do both; that's a great temptation. So I spend a disturbed night thinking about the options wondering where I can scrimp and save, which projects I can delay, how I can keep up my staff morale and about 4:00am fall into a deep sleep. I wonder how Jesus would have felt in my position ... Then I remember that the Bible states that He too had problems and temptations and I realise that Jesus also had budget cuts much worse than mine!

He had twelve disciples and one of them (Judas) was a thief. OK: tell the Treasurer to lock the cash away whenever Judas is around. That's not going to work; Judas is the Treasurer. That's a problem, but Jesus didn't call the police; He didn't tell the rest, in fact He did nothing - except to trust His Father. How did that work out in practice?