Saturday, 12 March 2016

Be Free

We have just had a wonderful time in Australia with two of our daughters and their beautiful families. We saw really extravagant nature which reminded me of an interesting picture that our Wonderful, Amazing, Giving, Almighty Father showed me when I was a new Christian.

I was babysitting for a neighbour and they had a beautiful bird who was in a cage on a stand close to their open window.
Several birds flew past the open window and I saw how both are birds but a bird in a cage was in such a safe place. All his food was provided, he had human company, warm and very safe. He didn't need to do without, be uncomfortable or even be worried about any enemies! His owner provided his every need. Even when allowed into the sitting room to fly round with a little bit of freedom, he never made a fly for the sky, he knew his limitations and where he was well off and provided for.