Friday, 30 September 2011

The Joy of Rejection...

Been thinking a lot recently about something we all do to others and yet are devastated when others do it to us. It can be life changing, can affect relationships with friends, family and work situations. This is rejection! When was the first time you felt the devastation of rejection? Probably at school or even earlier which is very hard to cope with.

Then we build on that time and start to expect it, so we withdraw and miss out on so much potential in our relationships. In some cases we even have a string of divorces or broken friendships and we don’t understand why! We develop a victim mentality and feel very sorry for ourselves, but need to recognise we have made poor choices with painful consequences.
When we were staying in Australia earlier this year with our daughter and her husband if I needed to challenge our 7yr old granddaughter (which only happened twice when her Mum and Dad were having a well deserved break) her reaction was to back away from us and become withdrawn. God used her to speak to me so much about my reaction to Him when He disciplines me. Also when I feel guilty about something I have done wrong, even if I repent I allow feelings of rejection from God to rise in my heart even though that is totally contrary to the Word of God. Because I don’t feel forgiven I take on rejection and have been known in the past to have gone cold towards God. So I pay back rejection with rejection!

Saturday, 17 September 2011

First day of the rest of my life!

So exciting! My first blog with lots of help from Mary and Jacco O, and patience from my wonderful husband. Where would I be without him?

This week was meant to be very quiet as I was supposed to be going South to care for a friend post-surgery but God had other plans as her surgery was delayed for two weeks.