Wednesday, 12 December 2018

What is pouring out of us?

Father God has done so much for all of us. He has poured out His Love and shown us at the Cross and resurrection how much, even if we don’t want to acknowledge it. This is our choice, we have no excuse (Romans 1:20)

I have been so challenged how much I allow all the Father has done for me, and shown me, pour through me OR do I keep it to myself feeling this is the God's blessing for me alone, Acts 3:6.

Very early in my Christian journey Father God showed me how my resentment was destroying our marriage. Dave and I got right with each other. Then my Bible study leader pointed out this blessing wasn’t just for me but for all other believers. I needed to swallow my pride and give my lesson away.

Never did Jesus teach His followers life lessons, so that they could keep hold of what He said. None of us would be following Jesus today if they had not laid down their lives, to share all that Jesus had done and taught them.

Am I stopping the work of the Holy Spirit Who is graciously showing me a truth and then I just hold onto it for myself. No every lesson God teaches me is to pass through me just like a stream of Living Water to change lives, giving wisdom and direction to all! Making sure He gets all the glory and not making me out to be 'holier than thou'.

There are lots of reasons and arguments in our heads that cause us to keep God’s goodness to ourselves but none of them are justified. We win the victory in life because of the blood Jesus shed, the bold word of our witness and we are not in love with ourselves but are willing to die for Christ, Revelation 12:11.

Imagine what would have happened to the early Church if the apostles had not allowed the Holy Spirit to pour out through their hands or speech, (Acts 5:12) we would be lost.

So go out into the world and set your friends and enemies free, not in your own strength but by His Spirit.

'Therefore we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God were making His plea through us. I plead with you on Christ's behalf, "Be reconciled to God!"' 2 Corinthians 5:20.