Sunday, 29 March 2015

Complaints Department

'Wow' just had a knock between the eyeballs! Well that is rather an exaggeration! I am so very challenged about the simple word 'complaining'!

I have just been studying the book of Numbers where Miriam and Aaron complain against Moses taking a Cushite wife and criticise him, Numbers 12, and Miriam develops leprosy as a result. Miriam and Aaron together repent and apologise to Moses who prays, Numbers 12:13, and she is healed! BUT there are consequences and she is put out of the city for seven days. As a result of Moses' prayer God shows His wonderful mercy and she does not need to be cast out forever, WOW such mercy!

The children of Israel in their first year after crossing the Red Sea have three times where they complain to Moses, and look through rose coloured spectacles at their time in Egypt, Numbers 11:5. They come against Moses as their leader, Numbers 14:1-4. God gets really angry at their criticism and complaints as really the people are criticising and complaining against God Himself, showing unbelief, ungratefulness, selfishness and sin.

This whole study has really challenged me, so after asking the Holy Spirit to highlight when I am complaining out loud or in my thoughts I have been really horrified how much I complain about silly little things, but all these

words come from a heart that is NOT focusing on God and His ways. Jesus had so many opportunities to complain in a derogatory way but His heart of Love always spoke the Truth.

When we complain out loud it develops a darkness round about us. Also if we think 'complaints and criticism' we find ourselves getting more miserable in our minds. Lots of these thoughts are not even our business and if we share them with someone else it seems to add power to the complaint and justify our opinion and disobedience towards our Father.

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Somebody Loves YOU

You may not receive red roses, chocolates or any other present saying' I love you' but there is One who passionately wants you to know He thinks you are ace, and loves you with a love that lasts forever just as you are today. His love will not change dependent on your behaviour or responses. He made a very public show of this fantastic, amazing, wonderful  love on the Cross so everyone knows you are worth it!

He took the beatings, handcuffs, demands,  all so you  don't have to,  AND  you can experience His very close presence every moment. He will never let you  down, pay you back or treat you  as you deserve! Run to Him and tell Him you want to know this love. He gave all His blood to demonstrate His Love and this, unlike the red roses, never fades so you can never again say 'Nobody loves me'. You are so special to the one who really matters, Jesus Christ.